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A Simple Responsive Progress Tracker

8th Oct 2014 | Asim

A Simple Responsive Progress Tracker About a week ago I posted a quick synopsis on the last major project that I've been working on, Check Before You Burn Registration. In that article I mentioned that I would put up a quick write up about a responsive progress tracker that I thought… Read More

Check Before You Burn Registration

26th Sep 2014 | Asim

Check Before You Burn Registration Working at the Air District has not only opened my eyes to the totality of our San Joaquin valley air quality issues but also exposed me to a multitude of opportunities to work on some truly inspiring projects. Check Before You Burn isn't a new program… Read More

Happy Meal

6th Sep 2014 | Asim

Happy Meal One afternoon I was hungry and waiting for a burger. A colleague of mine asked if I can make him a sandwich out of CSS, I've been solving a lot of our problems with straight CSS for a couple weeks now. I was up to the challenge, since I've… Read More

Social Standards

7th Jul 2014 | Asim

Social Standards It has been about a week since the Facebook-gate story broke out on the company engaging in a social science experiment, and as far as major news outlets are concerned we're all still up and arms about it. At first I was all "ewwww Facebook is gross for conducting experiments… Read More

Getting Hitched

14th Jun 2014 | Asim

Getting Hitched Almost 9 years ago I met my soon to be wife. Of Course at that time in our lives neither one of us realized that many years from that moment we would be surrounded by our friends and loved ones at an event that’s not too unfamiliar to the… Read More

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