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Getting Hitched

Almost 9 years ago I met my soon to be wife. Of Course at that time in our lives neither one of us realized that many years from that moment we would be surrounded by our friends and loved ones at an event that’s not too unfamiliar to the both of us… but this time all about us. So here we are, deep into our respective careers and in exactly one week from today we’re starting a family of our own (we even have an All-American dog).

As any self-respecting designer I took it upon myself to take care of the entire identity of our wedding. That’s right, every event has an identity, and I wasn’t about to let our own special day stumble about in an aimless pursuit of figuring itself out in the midst of pre-fab Bed Bath & Beyond invitations. It’s a matter of principle and stupid pride. I wasn’t alone in my efforts, my colleague and dear friend Ana Reyes Stone made sure to straighten up my print layouts. Spending more and more of your time knee deep in front-end dev work can leave you second guessing print design, sometimes.

The approach that I took with this project was “keep it simple stupid.”

Without a doubt the first component that I thought about in regards to this project was the website. More or less this was a great excuse to quickly put together a mobile-first single pager. Just a reminder for anyone out there with a wedding coming up: it’s really not that hard to build a simple single page site. If you’re new to building websites and would like to get started learning how to build single page sites I suggest taking a look at Fabric by NoTwelve - bare bone framework with everything you need already built-in. Speaking of Fabric, new version coming out soon-ish. Even if you don't build it yourself there are plenty of tools out there available for free/cheap to make a quick and easy WYSIWYG site.

Personally I see no excuse in not having one regardless of how important it is to you or not. The internet-of-things age is upon us and a simple site that easily directs your guests to your registries and how to get to your venu while they browse facebook is not too much to ask for.

Feel free to check it out here: kim-anton.com

Thanks for reading, until I write stuff & things again, I'll catch you on the flip side."

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