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A little About Us

16th May 2015 | Tim

This is the old man who started Johnsons Auto repair. For those of you who know us and our business recognize that we are all more like friends working together than family. We all get along very well. There is Rex the old man, above. Myself, Tim, and my brother, Matt. My… Read More

All About Oxygen Sensors

30th Mar 2015 | Tim

Oxygen sensors have been used in automobiles for more than 30 years. The name originated and progressed from single wire non-heated oxygen sensors, to heated oxygen sensors, and wide band oxygen sensors. Proper oxygen sensor usages is very important for fuel economy, engine performance, and vehicle emissions. The switching oxygen senor… Read More

One Year Anniversary

18th Mar 2015 | Tim

We are celebrating our one year anniversary at our new location. It has been an awesome 1st year thanks to all of our customers that continue to support our business and our family. You are all greatly appreciated!!! Read More

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