Hi, I'm Anton Simanov! 👋🏻

Senior Web Specialist from the San Joaquin Valley

I specialize in design, development, and management of government and public sector websites and applications. Active CSM & CSPO certs and always seeking to learn more.

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Webmaster Services


Maintenance is not just about editing and authoring content. I review analytics, SEO, and audit for accesibility among perfoming various support roles.


Project Management

I lead and oversee staff by assigning, directing, and reviewing technical work. I study and follow project management practices and frameworks in constant pursuit of a better way to work with people.

Front-end Web Development

Front-end Web Development

My focus is on delivering fully ready, semantic, and accessible front-end assets. I specialize in Design System authoring as well as providing custom solutions.

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Take a look at some of the things that keep me busy, be it work related, personal projects, or just life in general.

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