What I Know, Love & Study


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PhP

(Python is fun too.)


Web & Print

(And everything else I've yet to do)


From concept to statistics & solutions to the final product.


Full identity system design.

What I've Done, Currently Doing & Have Yet To Do

Pixelnaut Press

Creative Director | Writer | Co-Founder

Pixelnaut Press is an online newsmagazine with a focus on the worlds of design and technology. Even more specific than that, we prefer to write about the nexus where the two meet.Pixelnaut Press

No 12

Web Designer | Partner

We are No.12, a small creative partnership that simply loves working with content. The beauty of being a small group in a big city is that it gives us a unique opportunity to focus on your needs wherever you may be. No 12



Fabric is a simple, one-page, flat, responsive framework. The sole purpose of this project is to give a no frills set of tools to develop a fast and efficient framework to set up, mobilize, and develop a single page website. No 12

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